GoToAssist Corporate (v11.9.12, b1380) Release Notes

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GoToAssist Corporate (v11.9.12, b1380) Release Notes

GoTo Contributor

Released live:  January 27, 2020 (PST)


  • Operability and stability improvements for Windows customers


What's Improved?


Operability and Stability Improvements for Windows Customers

  • Various changes have been implemented to improve the reliability of hosting screen sharing support sessions on the representative side, particularly when connecting to Windows customers.  Previously, the representative side was intermittently unable to connect to a customer's machine, often resulting in multiple connection attempts to the same customer before succeeding.  (GTA-9780)


Feature Highlights from Previous Releases:


Version 11.9.11, b1379:

  • Customer join support for macOS Catalina (10.15)

Version 11.9.10, b1356:

  • Ability to lock customer's workstation 
  • Ability to block automatic updates for the customer desktop app
  • Timestamp improvements to session review
  • Bug fixes and minor changes

Version 11.9.9, b1326:

  • Ability to choose location for saving local session recordings
  • Improvements to local session recording behavior
  • Improvements to Snapshot Summary Report
  • Bug fixes and other minor improvements

Version 11.9.8, b1310:

  • Search enhancements for session transfer/invite
  • Improvements to Queue Mode Portal Overview
  • Ability to display a "no representatives available" message
  • Improvements to Snapshot Summary Report

Version 11.9.6, b1282:

  • Improvements to sharing clipboard contents at start of screen sharing session
  • Fix for preventing session lockup in HelpAlert
  • Additional changes and minor improvements

Version 11.9.5, b1280:

  • Ability to reset passwords for non-validated email addresses
  • Ability to control clipboard contents at start of screen sharing session
  • Improvements to managing business hours
  • Updates to integration documentation
  • New team setting for preventing representatives from denying pending queries
  • Improvements to native chat
  • Enhancements to customer enqueue messaging
  • Improvements to distribution of Queue Mode chats
  • Bug fixes and minor improvements
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