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Lansweeper Asset Action for GoToAssist

In our Lansweeper we have an action that launches VNC from the Asset page just by clicking it. This is what it looks like for VNC = cmd.exe /C "C:\Program Files\TightVNC\tvnviewer.exe" -host={smartname} -password=ourpassword

We are moving away from VNC and have started installing the Unattended Agent for GoToAssist. Is there a way to launch GoToAssist in the same way?

You can use the following placeholders in the command which calls your asset action from the asset page of a specific asset: {actionpath}, {smartname}, {assetname}, {dnsname}, {computer}, {domain}, {tag} (which means serial number), {username}, {userdomain}, {ipaddress}, {fqdn}, {scanserver}, {assetid}

{smartname} changes to IP address, FQDN or Assetname based on asset type.