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Re: Lag time in refresh rate post Windows 11 installation

This is pronounced in Windows 11 in GTA 5.X but not in GTA 4.7.  It is so slow, that you click an icon or hyperlink, and it can take 30 seconds for the response to show.  It is like the whole PC slows to a crawl under GTA 5 on Win 11.  We have one client who insists we use GTA 5, and this was not a problem till they started replacing Win 10 PC's with Win 11 PC's.  I personally think it is due to those things we can disable in GTA 4.X that we cannot disable in GTA 5.  Things like font smoothing, background image, and reduced color pallet.  In GTA 4.7 we never connect in other than 256 color mode with all Windows effects disabled.   Where the client in question is concerned, all their PC's are Intune provisioned through MS 365, and most of the time we are getting on freshly reset machines with clean Intune provisioned installations of GTA 5, and across the board on the Win 11 machines we see this lag without exception on over 3 dozen PC's in a fleet of 170.

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Re: Lag time in refresh rate post Windows 11 installation

Some additional information, and a comment or two:


All the PC's in question are brand new Dell Latitude laptops running Intel 1340 and 1350 P series processors, 512 GB type 40 SSD's and 32 GB of DDR5.   If the slowdown is evident on a fast new modern system, you can only imagine what will happen as Windows 10 sundowns, and we are in a position where people running 8th gen tech upgrade to Win 11, and we have to connect to those machines.  With only a year left on the Win 10 clock, this needs to be fixed, like yesterday.  One thing I would personally like to see is an update to 5.X that allows us to disable all the things we disable currently in 4.7.  I think that would maybe be the simple fix.

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Re: Lag time in refresh rate post Windows 11 installation

Hi @BillLesher welcome to the GoTo Community,


Thanks for your feedback and for sharing your experience.  I moved your post to GoToAssist v5. I haven't seen reports with Windows 11 at this time, though there have been reports of a Lag while remoting to Dell Latitude 5440 laptops and a fix is scheduled to be released in the next two weeks. 

If this continues to be an issue, your best bet is to contact support who can take a look a closer look at your system. Thanks. 

Kate is a member of the GoTo Community Care Team.

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