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Unattended computers still go offline

I am still dismayed how this is still an issue.  Randomly computers stop showing as on line.  Some I am never able to get to unattended mode.  Uninstall and reinstall of the client does not do it.  This is extremely frustrating.  Is there a better way to reregister a computer with the console so that they appear again?  Every time I do house cleaning to get computers off that have gone dormant for a period of time, more show up.  To say that this service is unstable is an understatement.    I may try to call support my my experience with any telephone support these days is poor at best.  Long wait times.

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Re: Unattended computers still go offline

@bbazian219  I apologize for the difficulty there.  While I cannot diagnose the offline issues there, duplicate or expired host names should not be appearing in the list of PCs.  Let me know if you cannot get through to Support, and we can have a specialist follow up. 

Ash is a member of the LastPass Community Care Team.

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