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Welcome to the GoToAssist v5 discussion board.



For those of you that have not seen the email, we have made the decision to rebrand the RescueAssist product to GoToAssist v5. 


Since the initial launch of RescueAssist two truths emerged. First, our customers love the GoToAssist brand. The RescueAssist brand confuses users searching for GoToAssist. Second, agents don’t have a clear preference for a desktop or a browser-based agent console. In fact, they like the option of both experiences. So, we’re taking action to deliver on both fronts.


LogMeIn now supports two product versions of GoToAssist Remote Support.

  • GoToAssist version 4, is our expert desktop app leveraged by most of our user base.
  • RescueAssist becomes GoToAssist version 5, with a rebranded web console, rebranded unattended access (also v5) and the ability to download version 5 of the desktop console. 

GoToAssist Remote Support FAQ

This will be the new discussion board for GoToAssist v5, the former RescueAssist board will be retired.



Glenn is a member of the GoTo Community Care Team.

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