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Bryan Jones1
New Contributor

What happened to Invite Technicians?

V4 (GoToAssist Expert) had an option to Invite Technicians.   This doesn't seem to exist in V5.  I know I can still use the V4 client but that's problematic on any recent version of Mac OS and not possible at all on Linux.  This is a critical feature for us as we often have more than one person at a time.  We have specialists in different areas that often collaborate on support sessions.  These causes use to have to use other tools (with the initials T.V.) which is not preferred.

If there is a way to do this, could someone please show me how?  If not, is it available in some beta branch?  If not, could we get this added back as a feature?  It really is one of the best features (at least for us) of V4 (GoToAssist Expert) client.


Bryan Jones

LogMeIn Contributor

Re: What happened to Invite Technicians?

@Bryan Jones1  I believe this is on the drawing board for future development, and I'll try to see about the timeline for completion.