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New Contributor

Can't Setup Unattended on Servers

Certain Server 2016 boxes and so far all Server 2019 boxes won't allow the Unattended installer to complete.  The program downloads and runs.  It prompts for my GTA email address.  After entering the account email address, it doesn't allow me to click Next.  It just sits on that screen.  I've noticed it for awhile and always just worked around it, but it's starting to drive me nuts, as it seems to be consistent in all of the 2019 servers I've been setting up.


Searching the internet and community hasn't been too helpful.  Any suggestions?

LogMeIn Contributor

Re: Can't Setup Unattended on Servers

@MollyMae  Was this using G2A V4 or V5? 


If you've confirmed that you are installing the endpoint upon the problem servers as a domain or enterprise admin, we can certainly look into the failure further. 

New Contributor

Re: Can't Setup Unattended on Servers

Yep, attempting with a domain admin account.


EDIT: Sorry, missed the version request.  It's 4.8