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New Contributor

Connecting to remote desktop session

I'm trying to use the latest version of GotoAssist desktop to connect to a remote desktop (RDP./TS) client session, but it always ends up connecting to the the console session of that computer/server.  I had contacted Logmein support and they said it can only connect to console sessions.  This can't be correct.  I was the client on a GotoAssist session on an RDP session to a computer/server and the support tech was able to connect to my RDP session, NOT the console session.


Has anyone been able to connect successfully to RDP/TS sessions and how is that done?

LogMeIn Contributor

Re: Connecting to remote desktop session

Hi @BobbH 

Attended remote sessions, when someone is present at the host PC, will work there.  You must first uncheck the Remote Support Preference  for Run support sessions as a service at startup before you connect, and then RDP should be able to share the desktop view.   After this point you may Upgrade to run as a service if needed.

New Contributor

Re: Connecting to remote desktop session

Thanks for the info - will try once I can get my trial account restored (or create another trial - I need to verify that I can connect to RDP sessions before I pay for this service).


So does that mean that I must uncheck that box before every session with an RDP client?  I assume that rechecking the box is required to allow unattended access, but based on your answer,  that only applies to console sessions.