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New Contributor

CreateProcess blocked by group policy

Recently we have had different clients not being able to run the GTA launcher with the following issue: 

GoTo Opener encountered an error: Installer launch error 2001, Method "CreateProcess" returned Win32 error [1260]. This program is blocked by group policy.

What can we instruct the client to do other than use Team Viewer which never seems to have any issues with client connectivity?
Retired LogMeIn Contributor

Re: CreateProcess blocked by group policy

Hi Simon, this issue typically exists within a locked-down environment where applications are unable to be run from a user's profile, specifically the LocalAppData and Temp directories. The affected user can reach out to their IT department to exempt our applications from their policies.

New Contributor

Re: CreateProcess blocked by group policy

How about you modify your software in a way that doesn't lauch from locations commonly used by ransomware. Problem solved. Restricting appliactions from launching in %localappdata% is the most elegant way to prevent ransomware currently, so what on earth made you write the software to launch from there?

Btw, whitelisting the launcher does not work, perhaps because of spaces in folder names.