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GoToAssist keeps uninstalling itself from customer's computers

If I carry out a remote support session with a customer I have previously helped, I ask if they have an icon on the screen for "GoToAssist Customer". In many cases, the icon has completely vanished and in other cases the customer gets a "problem with shortcut" error when they click on it.


If the icon has disappeared or doesn't work, I then guide the customer through starting the session through the website. This results in three common outcomes:


1. The customer gets and accepts a UAC prompt and the session starts normally. 

2. The customer gets no UAC prompt and the session starts without admnistrator rights. Attempting to "run as service" results in the connection breaking and it is then necessary to uninstall and reinstall the software.

3. A green progress bar appears that is already full up. After a couple of minutes, it disappears and the session doesn't start.  It is then necessary to uninstall and reinstall the software.


I am using the latest version of GoToAssist on Windows 10, and the majority of my customers are using Windows 10.  I have checked that 'Run support sessions as a service on startup' is ticked and that 'Uninstall GoToAssist when the session ends' is unticked.


Please help!


Thank you,


Matthew Green