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How to configure firewall to just exclude GotoAssist

We have a firewall (SimpleWall,  see installed which basically only enables GotoAssist (so no Windows update, no browser access, etc) This firewall can be configured so IP Addresses, ports or paths can be excluded (our firewall unfortunately is not able to exclude a domain). We found a long list of IP Addresses/port numbers to be excluded to use GotoAssist at



  1. The list is long, are all these IP addresses and port numbers really needed to configure?
  2. We have noticed that this list is not sufficient for the installer (and which apparently is called sometimes). It seems that Port 80 must be opened for the installer. However we certainly do not want to add port 80 in the exclude list of the firewall. Can you help?
  3. We tried to find a workaround for previous problem by adding the path of the installer to the firewall. However we have seen that the installer is downloaded to c:\users\<username>\appdata\local\temp\logmeininc\gotoassist remote support customer\1692\g2a530c.tmp\g2ax_installer_customer.exe. The part of the path “\1692\g2a530c.tmp” highly depends on the version. For example build 1702 uses the part of the path “\1702\....”. So it is impossible to add the correct path in our firewall. Can you help?


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Re: How to configure firewall to just exclude GotoAssist

@kameleon  Before we respond with more specific answers, are you currently using V4 or V5 GoToAssist there? 

Ash is a member of the GoTo Community Care Team.

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