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Is GotoAssist Dead ?

Title. Is gotoassist dead ? It is far from being a free product, and for the amount we pay a year for a couple techs, it seems there is very little developpement, not to say non. Interface and features are stil the same they where years ago. Crippling bugs like very low resolution when you connect to any VM or machine whitout a physical monitor hooked up to it, basic features missing like multi screen, being able to display a session on each of our monitors, etc.. For the price we pay, lets juste say it is very disappointing. we have stayed with the product untili now, mainly because of the number of unattended sessions we have, but now it is getting to the point where even that is not justifying it. Free products have better feature sets... So my question is has everybody already jumped ship and the producted is just abandonned until it dies ? Even browsing the forum you can see features request and bugs from years and years ago that devs cant even be bothered to look at....

LogMeIn Contributor

Re: Is GotoAssist Dead ?

Hey there @doom969 ,

I want to thank you for your resolution and also a great deal of patience while we have been working hard on the future of GoToAssist.  Many of the requests and issues reported with Remote Support have been and will continue to be addressed with future variations of the services.  I urge you to checkout this on-demand webinar to see for yourself, and then let us know if there are additional questions or concerns about the development: