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New problem

Lately, this has been happening that are disruptive:

GoToAssist will switch between supported devices BUT all of the control icons are dead.  e.g. can't open Unattended Support in order to remote into another device, can't open Session, can't open Tools, etc.

Also, can't close the program normally- have to use Task Manager to kill it.  Of course, killing it in the middle of work sessions is pretty disruptive!


LogMeIn Manager

Re: New problem

Hi Fred,


So you are running multiple support sessions at the same time and switching between them, then the GoToAssist software stops responding and you have to kill it and launch it again? Is this happening to you no matter what computer you are using, or do you always use the same one to connect to your customers? What does the Task Manager show you before you end the task GoToAssist?

Glenn is a member of the LogMeIn Community Care Team.

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Re: New problem



Yes.  That's the situation.

Generally it's at the same one of my computers here.

I should mention that I leave the app open for long periods of time.  At least I'd expect a graceful timeout or something.  

It *is* tempting to proceed with the app when it's open and not showing any sessions timeouts.