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OsX Catalina issues

Hello All,


I purchased GotoAssist when the panademic hit to help employees working from home using their personal machines. Most of them use Mac and have Catalina installed, nothing I can do anout that. I understand there is a work around to get GotoAssist to work with Catalina:


If I had know that there were steps needed to get this product to work properly, I would have never bought it. I'm not even using it really at this point, I have been using TeamViewer since it's much easier for me to connect with employees instead of having to walk them through the process to get this to work right.


One of the things I noticed when I initially connect is that I can't see anything on their desktops, like icons or windows open to guide them through over the phone to get GotoAssist to work properly. Does anyone else experience this? According to the guide, I should be able to at least walk them through the process but how can I do that if I can't see anything?  



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Re: OsX Catalina issues

Hi @acove ,

I apologize for the trouble connecting to Mac clients.


We recently updated the RescueAssist app to show users which permissions are needed by Apple, and then guides them through those changes to Screen Recording and Accessibility if needed.  If you are using Remote Support, would you be willing to try out RescueAssist to see if it improves your Mac client connection results?

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Re: OsX Catalina issues

So does RescueAssist have a client like GotoAssist or is it done via a web browser. I think when I initially setup the accoungt, I tried using RescueAssist thinking that GoToassist would eventually be phased out but I tried and RescueAssist was just a horable experience, thats why I was using GoToAssist. Rescue Assist kept on disconnecting when I was trying to use it, very frustrating. 

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Re: OsX Catalina issues

Hi @acove,


While RescueAssist runs in the web browser it still needs to be granted permission in the Mac Security and Privacy settings to Screen Recording before it can share the screen, and Input Monitoring to control the mouse and keyboard. This is the same for any remote access application on Macs since the release of Catalina.


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Re: OsX Catalina issues

If what you said is true, i'm not sure why people have no issues running TeamViewer. The only issue is with your products. Very dissapointed considering how much this product costs. You can put the blame on catalina all you want. The truth is their are better products available on the market and I wasted my money.