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Heribert Müller
New Member

Problems to start connection in Citrix Session

When i start gotoAssist Expert in a Citrix session , its not possible to connect to onother client in a Citrix session how starts gotoassist Client or
Error massage
Retired GoTo Contributor

Re: Problems to start connection in Citrix Session

Hi Heribert,
I apologize for the frustration there.
Do you know what type of operating system the affected user is running?  Have they ever been able to screen share through GoToAssist before?

Ash is a member of the LastPass Community Care Team.

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Re: Problems to start connection in Citrix Session



We are testing goto assist and we have the same problem, when we want to remote control a citrix session we can chat and share files but we don't see screens. If we remote control the same user on the same server whitout citrix session it works. An citirx session whitout policies doesn't work either. We are using server 2016  with xenapp 7.15 ltr.


Hopefully some one can help us.