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Provide Knowledge Article to Customer in Incident

I am not certain if what I want to do is possible. If it is, how does it work. If it does not, I would like to suggest it as a new feature.

I have noticed that customers often have the same question. I have prepared Knowledge Articles for these common questions and their answers. Can I reference the article when responding to an incident? Either a straight copy of the article into the comment / resolution and/or a link to the articke?


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Re: Provide Knowledge Article to Customer in Incident

I believe this is possible but when I tried it, it really didn't work the way I had expected it to. 


A number of my tickets deal with the ordering and shipping of various parts and hardware.  So a knowledge base article stating "supplies are heading your way" just didn't make sense.


On those tickets where knowledge base article would be fitting, I didn't like how the information was provided to the customer.  Now I haven't tried this in the last 12 months or so, so could be better now but at the time, it just wasn't the right option for me.  


What I ended up doing is creating a word document that contains all my fast answers/knowledge base info.  Then I just copy/paste those into the resolution/comment field as appropriate.   


Would be nice to just create all those answers in the GTA system somewhere so that they can be shared with others in the department or to just have them on hand faster.  Especially if I'm out of the office and need to send a more lengthy response.



What would be nice if there was a way to create these fast answers

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Re: Provide Knowledge Article to Customer in Incident

Hi, all. 

For this request, as long as the knowledge article is public - and not just for SD members - then you should be able to link customers to them.


If the articles are not customer facing then access will be restricted I'm afraid.

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Re: Provide Knowledge Article to Customer in Incident

@AshC  I appreciate your response but I think one of us is missing something. 

As a technician I created and published (customer facing) a knowledge base article. I then linked the article to the incident...that is fine and could be useful to other technicians in the future. However, I want to communicate the article to the Customer as it contains the steps required to resolve the issue.

Despite the linkage of the customer facing article to the incident, there is no reference to the article in the incident  when the customer is logged into the portal and looking at the updates / comments / resolution of the incident. From what I can tell, I cannot easily copy the article content (including attached images and formatting) into a comment. I cannot even automatically insert a hyperlink to the article in a comment.

What I ended up doing is to open up the article, copy the URL from the browser and in a comment wrote: "Please read article XXXX found by clicking this hyperlink".

There should be a way to easily either:

  1. Copy content of an existing article into a comment (using it as a templated response @JVH) wanted to do; or
  2. Have a function that inserts the title and hyperlink to an existing article into the a comment / resolution.

I hope the above provides greater clarity. If I misunderstood your response and the desired functionality exists, I seem to have missed how to do. Thanks for your patience.