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Fred Marshall

Reboot and relogon behavior

I have 4 computers running GTA unattended: #1, #2,#3, #4

From Computer #1, I'm sending a reboot command to #2, #3 and #4

I can see from the GTA toolbar computer "icons" when they restart.

I can see from those "icons" when they are back up and running.

Except Computer #3 stops at the logon screen.

I really prefer the behavior I'm getting from #2 and #4 where they keep the GTA unattended state without requring another logon.

All of the computers are Windows 10 Pro and are set up pretty much the same - not identical but close.

Any suggestions for #3?



LogMeIn Contributor

Re: Reboot and relogon behavior

Hey Fred,

Would you be able to confirm the GoTo endpoint software version that's experiencing the difficulty?


Have you specifically tried re-installing the endpoint by downloading it first, then running the executables as a full Admin there?