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Scary control takeover

Typically, if I'm working with someone remotely, if they bump the mouse while I'm working then:

When I move the mouse, I see a little notification pop up at the bottom of the screen that says:

"Fred has control of the mouse and keyboard"

That's very common and expected.


However, today I was using unattended support and was logged onto a computer for some time.

When I returned to it, the dialog windows I'd been working with were open but I couldn't really control them well enough to close them, which is what I was trying to do.  Other things didn't work.  For example, only every other keystroke was registering.  To get powershell up, I had to slowly type ppoowweerrsshheell.


Each time I moved the mouse, the notification would pop up saying:

"Fred has control of the mouse and keyboard"

And then, almost immediately, the notification would change to saying:

"__XYZ_345_John_88 has control of the moust and keyboard"

Well, I have NEVER seen that happen.

"__XYZ_345_John_88" is the altogether unique name I've given the connection for this computer in GTA.

WHY ARE "YOU" TAKING OVER CONTROL FROM ME??? .... seems a natural question.  Anyway, it's a bit scary.

Any thoughts?