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The State of GoToAssist on Mac



I've been patient - but now my patience is stretching thin, especially considering the increased G2A workload I'm having to deal with in the current health situation.


WTF is going on with G2A on the Mac? There are multiple unresolved issues that have been highlighted here, and don't seem to be being fixed or actively acknowledged.


- 1673 keeps hanging on creating a session, so I've had to roll back to 1624, which doesn't appear to have that problem;

- However 1624 isn't compatible with macOS Catalina endpoints - though the expert version seems to work. As most of our clients are running pre-Catalina, we've had to stick with 1624 and use TeamViewer for Catalina clients;

- With macOS Mojave Unattended endpoints, there's a ridiculous delay before being able to control the remote system.


I'd welcome offical input from LMI on this. Thanks.