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Unattended Machines randomly Offiline

Hey Everyone,  


We've had an ongoing issue for months now, where we are intermittently having issues accessing unattended machines. The machines show offline despite us knowing they're online. Thankfully these machines are used by staff so when that it fails we use the method and are succesfully able to acces their machines so we know it not an issue with the machines being connected online. Alot of the time these machines are connected through our MPL5/VPN network so they're behind the same firewall and our machines run the same AV so  i feel like  if these were a factor it affect more machines or the same machines would be constantly affected but it randomly different machines.  We've yet to be able to find any correlation, the machines that are affected are regularly differnt, they have different operating systems ranging from Windows 7 to Windows 10. their locations are often different etc etc.    The only thing we  notice is that after logging in via the machine using the method that they will sometime magically appear back online on our lists.   Any assistance with this issue would be greatly appreciated as it starting to get really frustrating. 






LogMeIn Contributor

Re: Unattended Machines randomly Offiline

Hi Scott,

I double checked our database for anything current and environmentally similar.  Unfortunately we don't have anything going on like this right now, so if you could help create a case with our Customer Support staff, then we can dive into those networks to see what's happening.