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Unattended Session - Cannot File Transfer, Chat or Copy


I had an Unattended session with a remote Mac running macOS 10.12.6 this morning, and couldn't:


- Chat - the Chat window wouldn't open up on the remote machine;

- Copy - the pasteboard from my Expert machine (running macOS 10.14.6) didn't transfer to the remote machine;

- File Transfer - attempting to send a file to the remote machine reported that 'Your file has been added to the transfer list' - but it never appeared on the remote end.


Made it very difficult to get a file across from my Expert machine to the remote side...


Running G2A 4.6 Build 1624. Tried stopping the session and restarting it again - same problem.



Any ideas?



LogMeIn Contributor

Re: Unattended Session - Cannot File Transfer, Chat or Copy

Hello there,

Were you able to troubleshoot this problem Mac at all since this problem began?  I'm wondering what happened after a full reboot, and if all user accounts on that machine are affected...