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New Contributor

Unattended installer keeps laptop from going to sleep



We have a remote user reporting that any time the computer tries to go to sleep it will automatically wake back up. This started after installing the "Unattended Installer". Is there anything we can do to keep the remote agent and also allow the computer to go to sleep?


LogMeIn Contributor

Re: Unattended installer keeps laptop from going to sleep

Hi there,

Sorry for any confusion!


The Unattended Support module assumes that you will want access to the PC at all times.  If the PC is in sleep mode the unattended service is not able to run and the computer will be offline and unavailable. For this reason Unattended Support prevents the PC from sleeping.


If this is problematic, and your client is physically present for you, then I might suggest creating a desktop shortcut instead of the standalone Unattended software.