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Verzion 5.0 file transfer

In testing  version 5.0 file transfer process seems to have been an afterthought and doesn't reflect how our company, and is suspect, many other use this tool.


1.  The queing funtionality has been deprecated so only ONE file at a time can be transferred. I was told to use zip to create a file but that's another step and not always convenient.  

2.  The method of downloading and uploading is different and not intuitive.

3.  The ability to CONVENIENTLY control where an uploaded or downloaded file ends up is more complicated.  This is especially a pain if you are downloading multiple file to the customer machine and for every single file you need to point to the file and save it in the directory where you want to place it. 

4.  The functionality wasn't great in 4.0 but is was better

5.  The transfer do seem to be fast but i only moved very small files.   I would like to test a large zip but will pass for now.


 This means more time and confusion in providing support. 




For a product that is substantially more expensive than the competition, this is not acceptable. 



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LogMeIn Contributor

Re: Verzion 5.0 file transfer

Thanks for your feedback @Stevemorin .  We have shared this functionality enhancement idea with the product team. 

New Contributor

Re: Verzion 5.0 file transfer

Agree.   Single file transfer is a problem for us