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New Contributor

Re: Merging customers

@VinceMHAW wrote:

Is there an efficient way to merge duplicate customers?  A staff was in the habit of creating a new customer for each incident with the same customer, so we have many duplicates.  Is there a way to quickly merge them or quickly replace one for the other on incidents?  Or do I need to simply clean them up one by one? usps tracking

I also want lean to  quickly merge them . also looking forward on Vince's Question to be replied with solution...

Active Contributor

Re: Merging customers

Just to elaborate, my concern is that if I simply delete the extras, the incidents will no longer have customers attached to them, and will be less useful for tracking a customer's history.

Retired GoTo Contributor

Re: Merging customers

I'm sorry there is no way currenlty to merge separate incidents, however you can link them together as well as close multiple incidents simultaneously if needed. 

Ash is a member of the LastPass Community Care Team.

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