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New Contributor

Show in Portal check by default

One of the main reasons my company went to a dedicated ticketing system like service desk was to centrally manage our IT issues in a efficient and organized manner. For the most part ServiceDesk has done this.

An issue I've run into is the option to "Show in Portal" for end users (customers). By default when a user creates/submits there own ticket via e-mail or portal, "Show in Portal" is checked by default. When a User (technician) creates a ticket this option is turn off by default.

From what Ive seen there is no way to set this by default. The issue we run into is small but has a big impact on certain customers we just so happen to forget to check this option.

Can this be a toggle under the config options?
Retired LogMeIn Contributor

Re: Show in Portal check by default

Correct, there is no way to set the default. It is a feature we're seeing requested more and more. I have added a +1 to the feature request.

As you've discovered when customers raise an incident, it's automatically marked as "Show in Portal."

In the meantime, the only workaround is to ensure that when technicians raise an incident on behalf of a customer they will have to remember to mark the incident as "Show in Portal"
Retired LogMeIn Contributor

Re: Show in Portal check by default

Hi Jeremy,

Just letting you know that we have implemented this piece of functionality as part of a recent release. You can now set the "Show in Portal" to be checked by default.

You can now turn it on a service by service basis by going to Configure > Services > Select a Service > Incidents > Default Selections. See screenshot:

Hope this helps 🙂