Set welcome message in new version of Go To Meeting

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Set welcome message in new version of Go To Meeting

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Set welcome message in new version of Go To Meeting

Hi Everyone,

The previous GTM version allowed for a welcome message that remained constant in a GTM room. To set the message you used the daisy/wheel icon to access the relevant preferences settings.  I can no longer find out how to do that in the new version. The current user manual seems to still detail the method in the previous version via the daisy/wheel!

I love many things about GTM but the poor access to information for what should be basic functions is frustrating.

Any guidance is gratefully received.


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GoTo Moderator
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Hi @Donna_Peach welcome to the GoTo Community.


A welcome message is not part of the GoTo new app experience. I moved your post to the Idea section where others can comment and vote on this feature.


To help our team better grasp the significance of this feature to you, could you elaborate on its application?

  • Do you modify the message for every meeting?
  • Is it primarily used for webinars or training sessions involving new participants?
  • How does the welcome message contribute to the overall meeting vs using chat in the beginning?  

Your insights would greatly assist us in comprehending the value of implementing this feature. 



In order for our team to best understand the value of the feature, can you please share how it's used? Are you updating the message for each meeting? Is it more of a webinar/training with new attendees? How does the welcome message provide a