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Can't hide attendee bubbles in New UI

Hello.  While I can control the attendee list and hide it, I cannot hide the attendee bubbles on the new UI.  This presents issues for me when hosting meetings with contracted clients who have privacy clauses in place with our organization.   I have addressed this issue repeatedly with customer support.   Please advise when this will be fixed on the new UI.


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Re: Names of participants not recorded on their webcams

With the latest GoToMeeting release, when you hide the Attendee list for everyone this will also anonymize the Attendee Bubbles where the webcam images reside.  


Thanks for your patience while this feature was finalized. 

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Re: Can't hide attendee bubbles in New UI

Hello Jeanna,

I'm sorry, it does appear there are some privacy concerns with the new GoToMeeting interface, where the Attendee List does not seem 'hideable'.  We'll work to escalate this issue and release a fix as fast as possible.  Thanks for bringign it up here.

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Re: Can't hide attendee bubbles in New UI

Hi buddy, as of now for me, it is working fine ar my end.



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Option to blind "who is talking"-notification for Market Research

Hi all,

When conducting market research interviews, it is important that the meeting organizer has the option to blind the identity of all call participants.  While we can hide attendee lists, there is currently no option in GoToMeeting for a meeting organizer to hide a participant's name from appearing when they talk.  If the participant provides their full name and uses the computer audio (or pins their phone to the web link) that can un-blind the participants identity.  Currently, we are actively reminding participants not to provide their full name, but having a feature that allows the organizer to hide the name of the participant talking would make the process less cumbersome and would be more effective.  While we do understand that this may not seem like a priority for normal conference calls, it is very important product feature for market research use.


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Re: Option to blind "who is talking"-notification for Market Research

Hi there,

Thank you for the GoToMeeting usage case around participant privacy.


This topic has been discussed before, and I'm not sure yet if the new GoToMeeting interface will change the behavior of showing Attendee initials on screen.  If we hear of any updates around this enhancement idea, we'll update the community with new information as it comes in.

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Can not hide list of attendees

Even in setting, I disabled list of attendees,

in the new view of gotomeeting, it's appearing like this : 


This is making big problem for my business privacy.

This is happening when attendees is using new view.


IMG_20200309_193059 (1).jpg

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Re: Can not hide list of attendees

Hi @gadewarshekhar ,

I know this can cause some privacy concerns, and we've reported the experience to the product teams for review. 


In some cases older customers may revert to the previous GoToMeeting version if needed:


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Hide Attendees on IPad app



Is it possible to hide the attendee list in a GTM from other attendees on the iPad app?


I know you can do it on desktop but need to know if you can do it on the iPad app.



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Re: Hide Attendees on IPad app

Hey folks,

We've made some changes to the newest GoToMeeting versions to improve the privacy: 

  • The avatar initials should be A1, A2, A3 etc. instead of attendee initials. 
  • The who’s taking will show annonymous attendee numbers as well
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Suggestion for attendee list

In the GoToMeeting platform, you have the ability to turn off the attendee list so the attendees can't see the actual list but at the same time the attendees still can see who is in the room because they're listed at the top of the screen.  My suggestion would be to have the option to turn GoToMeeting suggestion.pngoff that view as well so the attendees can't see who is in the room.