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Federal Employees issues with joining our meetings

We interact heavily with a Federal Agency. They have continual issues with accessing/using GTMeeting. 

Even it launches its partially blocked, video won't show, etc... They've started asking us to not use your product and always ask them for Webex links instead. We are thinking about reaching out to their IT folks to see if we can get things unblocked, but that is always a convoluted process. 


I'm GUESSING their security settings are the issue... but not sure


Anyone else have this issue with USA Government agencies or similar?

GoTo Moderator

Re: Federal Employees issues with joining our meetings

Hi @TC5998 nice to see you around.  Do you know if they are using the classic version or the GoTo App? With the GoTo App they should be able to join via web browser if they have Chrome or MS Edge installed. 

Kate is a member of the GoTo Community Care Team.

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Re: Federal Employees issues with joining our meetings

I am only guessing, but my guess is that they are blocked from downloading the app at all and are forced to use GTM in the browser. Probably Edge. 


If they do download it, it will be whatever is downloaded from your servers when the click the link. I do not believe they have installed GTM Windows application, nor would they likely be willing to... 


Again - I don't work for them, so educated guess. I'll ask around a bit.