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New Contributor

Re: Profile picture doesn't show in Gotomeeting

Thank you Kate, appreciate it.

New Member

Re: Profile picture doesn't show in Gotomeeting

I have added my profile picture to GoToMeeting, but would like it to show when I'm in a meeting.  How do I make this happen?  I cannot find any results for this solution specifically.  There is an option in the People box of the meeting to "Drop profile picture file on Attendee Pane" however this is greyed out.  How can I get my profile picture to show in the meeting, in place of my camera feed?

GoTo Manager

Re: Profile picture doesn't show in Gotomeeting

Hi @CKCPA, welcome to the community.


From your comments it sounds like you may be using GoToMeeting Classic still (orange icon), where this was more of a beta/labs feature. 


In the GoTo App experience, once you have added your photo to your profile and saved it the image will be displayed in place of your webcam whenever your webcam is not being shared, including when you are attending someone else's meeting.



Glenn is a member of the GoTo Community Care Team.

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