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Setting cloud recording GTM - where is it?


I want to switch from local recording to cloud recording (GTM professional). But I cannot find any setting to do so. What do I have to do, to activate cloud recording of a meeting?


Couldn't find the activation in any of the admin-center settings, neither in the GTM center, nor in the meeting settings. I searched the history of this board, but as suggested, there is no setting in the GTM center on the left side. I tried the FAQ-section: nothing that helped me.

Is the cloud recording still available in GTM prof? Where and how do I activate it?

For your help I'd be very thankful.

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Re: Setting cloud recording GTM - where is it?

When using the GoTo App I don't have access to the setting: content. What upgrade do I need? It doesn't say it. I already have GTM professional, is there a higher upgrade?
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Re: Setting cloud recording GTM - where is it?

I tried the GoTo Training version: then I can record in GTM. So it is an upgrade issue. Now what: I do not need the training version and thought, the meeting professional would include the online recording. Are there different GoTo Meeting versions? Is there one that features online recording?

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Re: Setting cloud recording GTM - where is it?

Hi @Bear44, welcome to the community.


In the GoTo App click on your profile in the top right corner and select Settings from the menu displayed




Next, click on Meetings and then Content


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