Please let me keep a catalog of my sessions.

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Please let me keep a catalog of my sessions.

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Please let me keep a catalog of my sessions.

I schedule a lot of sessions.  They are always the same 10 or 12 sessions repeated over and over.  Some of them repeat every week or so, some every month or so, and some every few months.  The problem is that if I don't keep one on my calendar, it's possible that the session goes away completely and I lose the description and all of the session settings.  The past session listing that I could use to "schedule similar training" only goes back 3 months.  I don't need to see data and every occurrence of a real old session, but I would really like to reuse the title, description and settings.

The more I think about this, this should come under my previous ideas/complaints about tools for scheduling.  It doesn't seem like GoToTraining really considers how people work, or perhaps my situation is unique.  I just now started to schedule a training that I have done numerous times over the past several years...not sure when the last one was and if I have another one currently scheduled.  Looking at my trainings, I have 3 pages full of past sessions and 6 pages full of upcoming sessions with no way to search any of it.  Just browse a page at a time.  For such a robust tool from a reputable company, some of this is overly cumbersome.  So, I start from scratch creating a new/old training with new description, settings etc.  Whew...tiring.

Melissa Irwin-P
Active Contributor

We are in a similar situation and would like to have the ability to save a 'template' session that holds for our repeat sessions.

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