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GTT: Switch to Desktop Option Missing?

Good morning,


Where has the "Switch to Desktop" option gone in the new version? 


We utilized this option to ensure our panel of presenters were able to share webcams without the ability for all attendees to share their webcams.


We either need this option present, the ability to elevate a Web user to Organizer, or otherwise control who can share their webcams and who can't.


This option exists on the current GoToMeeting web app, but does not exist in the current GoToTraining web app:


GTT No Desktop.PNG

GoTo Moderator

@EMurphyInfTrg Hi Eileen,

I haven't heard that any major changes are coming for the APIs at all.  If this changes I'll try to update the Community in advance. 

Ash is a member of the GoTo Community Care Team.

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