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give us one complete product

It's seems like neither of the three products (gotomeeting, gototraining, gotowebinar) is capable of satysfying all needs.

Tests/quizzes/certificates ... are available in gototraning, not in gotowebinar...

25 webcams only in gotomeeting...

Video streaming only in gotowebinar (complicated limited sharing via youtube/vimeo in gototraining... and what about China where those websites don't work)...

Breakout rooms in gototraining only (document collaboration only with google... no microsoft) and only with chrome or firefox (what about mac users, seriously then need to download another browser?)

It's really frustrating to have to always trade on something when picking one of your products.

I feel like we pick a product (be it gotomeeting/gotowebinar/gototraining) and have to compromise on something... 

I think I speak for a lot of us in the community: give us one product that has at least 25 webcams, possibility of breakout rooms, live streaming videos within the platform, tests, polls, survesy sharing materials, chats (with trainer/with all participants) and slightly more personalizable certificates (or just make them plain white and allow a logo personalization).  WE NEED ONE PRODUCT THAT DOES ALL THIS, even if it means spending more.

You need to be quicker with bug fixes and product enhancements, I know COVID 19 was a major slowdown but we are turning to you to offers us quick solutions to engage/train our people... you need to be as fast as we are!

I really look forward to seeing some major improvements

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Re: give us one complete product

Hi Cindy,

I recognize the lack or parity between platforms, and wanted to let you know we are working on ways to unify the different GoTo services to offer more flexibility for customers in the future. 

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Re: give us one complete product

What is your timeframe for this unification?

LogMeIn Contributor

Re: give us one complete product

Hopefully later in 2020 we will start offering more cross-platform functionalities. You can checkout our weblog for news here: 

And also subscribe to release updates for specific feature enhancements as they become available: 


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Re: give us one complete product

Will add that the recorded webinars that are used for on-demand training need to be as professional as the live events re: evaluation tool.  Currently I can provide an electronic test to attendees of both the live and on-demand trainings, but can only provide an electronic evaluation tool to my live attendees.  However, in order to meet medical compliance standards in my field, I must obtain an eval from all attendees prior to giving the certificate of attendance.  In the U.S., this is a broad aspect of medical compliance for health care training in all specialties, whether it's continuing education for physicians, nurses, physical therapists, speech therapists, etc.  


I generally have more attendees for the on-demand trainings, since my topic is in my health care specialty.  (Hospital staffing is 24/7, so if a live event is scheduled during an interested party's work hours, they cannot attend the live event during their shift, which would involve abandoning their patients in order to attend the training.  No sane person in health care would take such a risk, which is grounds for termination of employment, and thus nearly all required trainings are done during one's days off via on-demand trainings.  With online training so readily accessible, live on-site trainings (such as conferences) are in the minority).  


Medical compliance includes standards for training of health care professionals.  These standards require that approved training must include a test and an evaluation tool.  Educators give out certificates of attendance with the approved continuing education hours ONLY after receiving the test and evaluation from attendees.  Would be grateful if this could be an electronic option with LogMeIn/GoToTraining.  As it currently stands, I can provide the electronic test and eval to attendees of my live events, but only the electronic test to those who take the on-demand training.  


To address this gap, I must send an email to on-demand registrants with the eval.  They are expecting the entire process to be electronic, so I imagine this fragmentation conveys a lack of professionalism on my part.  I have had my GoToTraining account for nearly five years now, and find it a challenge to convince staff of the need for uniformity in order to consistently present a high standard of professionalism in my trainings.  


Thank you, Cindy, for your post.