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Add 'None' to registration form 'State' listing or "Other"

We want to collect state/province info from users in the US and Canada, but for others we'd like to see 'None' or 'Other' listed at the top, immediately under 'Choose one'
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"State" information on registration form

We currently have "State/Province" as a required item on the registration form.  We have many registrants from Europe and other regions that do not have states and we've heard from many of them who are not happy that there is not a "none" or "not applicable" choice in the drop down menu, only US and Canadian states and Provinces.  This is also an issue that throws off our reporting and follow up because anyone registering from another country has to choose something that doesn't actually reflect where they are.  We often have meetups to follow up on a subject and we send invittes to people who are within 50 miles of where a particular meetup is taking place so it's important to us to have accurate information.

PLEASE take this request (and apparently many others you've received on this subject) under consideration! PLEASE add a "none" or "not applicable" option in the State/Province drop down!

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Re: "State" information on registration form

Hi kgately, 

We appreciate you taking the time to make the suggestion and can understand the inconveniece the current setup is creating.  As you indicated, this is something that we have heard requested previously and we will be happy to pass it to developers again to evaluate as something to be implemented in the future.


For now, the best suggestion to work around this would be to still include the State/Province field on your registration forms, but not force it to be a required field.  With this, at least international attendees will not be forced to make a selection which results in inaccurate information on your side.

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Re: "State" information on registration form

Has there been any update on this issue? This is a HUGE problem for us -- we need to require state to be able to properly segment our leads, but we also have received many complaints from international cusotmers who are required to fill in a "state" when they select a country outside the US & Canada. Not requiring the state field is not an option. It seems that it should be an easy fix to simply add "none" or "not applicable" to a drop down list.


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Re: Add 'None' to registration form 'State' listing or "Other"

This really needs to be fixed, it should be so easy to add "None" to the list.

Even better would be the ability to display the Country field first, and have the State/Province field appear only if United States or Canada is selected. Slightly more work, but still easy, and it's the best experience.

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Re: Add 'None' to registration form 'State' listing or "Other"

@scottstrand  We are working on several improvements to the registration flows in the coming months.  I hope to include an update around this standard registration template as well.