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Are any customer ideas heading into the product soon?

Hey GoToWebinar folk!

Recording playback speed options...

Webinar templates which copy everything about the setup...

Excluding specific domains from joining Webinars...

Better reporting (inc those who've downloaded handouts, much better reporting needed for GoToStage)...

Approve/deny registration on GoToStage to view recordings...


Just some of the ideas I've contributed and commented on over the years I've been using GoToWebinar and GoToStage. How do the ideas get accepted?  Do we have to vote on them?  My team are looking outside GoToWebinar and Stage as user requirements are not being met.


Please @GlennD  and @AshC  any useful updates you can share?




GoTo Moderator

Re: Are any customer ideas heading into the product soon?

@KEvents  We do review ideas regularly, and are preparing to release some of those new features after the new launch of GoTo for Webinars.  I responded to one earlier that I think is the closest to development:  Templates 


Ash is a member of the GoTo Community Care Team.

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