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Audio issues for attendee - both VoIP and phone

An attendee at our webinar today had no audio both on VoiP and phone. For the phone, it wasn't accepting his access code. His email to us after the webinar is below. Any thoughts? All other attendees were fine so while this was not an overall issue, I still need to figure out why this person can't connect to any GoToWebinar. Thanks.


Unfortunately, my computer could not get any audio.  I attempted four times to try to call to the number listed and then attempted to put in the proper code.  Each time after entering the code and before hitting the # sign, I checked the code to make sure it’s right.  Twice the recording said I didn’t enter any numbers and immediately hung up on me the other two times, it said I entered the wrong numbers, even though I checked the numbers and knew they were correct, and then they hung up on me. 

The last two times I’ve been on GoToWebinars, I’ve experience the same problems.  I have not had problems with other sources of webinars. 

My broker/dealer has stopped using GoToWebinars as they had too many complaints about their service. 

Chris Droessler
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Re: Audio issues for attendee - both VoIP and phone

Here are four common solutions I encounter often:


# sign before and after the PIN.


Have the Attendee go into the GoTo Control Panel, select No Audio, then reselect Computer Audio or Phone Audio.


When someone joins the GoToWebinar, they might miss the small pop-up window that asks their audio preference.  This window sometimes gets pushed behind other windows, and until you click in that window, the Attendee will have no sound.


Rebooting the computer just before joining a GoToWebinar is usually the best preventative for audio issues.  Also reboot it again after the GoToWebinar before using Teams, Zoom or any other virtual platform is advised.

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Re: Audio issues for attendee - both VoIP and phone

Thank you for those suggestions. I will pass them along to the attendee.