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Confirmation Email Subject on Copied Webinar

When I copy a webinar, the automated Confirmation email always has the subject from the previous webinar that I am copying. This is a bug in your system and happens every time. Can you please address it, as it is embarrassing for us as a company when we forget to update, as there is no obvious reminder and its a hidden function. Thank you so much. 

GoTo Manager

Re: System BUG: Confirmation Email Subject on Copied Webinar

Hi @Pareto8020, welcome to the community.


I apologize for any frustration. Typically, this issue only comes up when the webinar that is being copied is quite old and was originally scheduled on the older GoToWebinar platform. Due to changes between the old GoToWebinar platform and the current Classic GoToWebinar, some fields like the email subject fail to update. 


The solution is to schedule a new 'clean' webinar with all of the settings/options you want and then use that as your new template to copy in the future. If you are copying a recently scheduled webinar we will need the webinar IDs of the original webinar and the recent copies where you observed the issue. If you click on my name to view my profile you will be able to Private Message me the webinar IDs




Glenn is a member of the GoTo Community Care Team.

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Re: System BUG: Confirmation Email Subject on Copied Webinar

Hi Glenn, 


Thanks for the quick reply. 


I don't think the issue is because of the old system. We have upgraded to the new version long, long ago. This has been a problem the whole time. I have seen it time and time again. Here is the new webinar ID 134-181-995.  Here is the webinar I copied: 242-358-211.


Thanks for looking in on this. 



PS. It was not obvious how to private message you