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New Contributor

Easiest way to switch between speakers

What is the easiest and smoothest way to transition between speakers? Right now it seems that being the organiser, I should first prepare my screen then take over presenter mode again, share my screen (with a general slide) then pass the presenter role onto the next speaker. Any advice from seasoned veteran users? Just wondering how you all manage smoothe transitions.

Respected Contributor

Re: Easiest way to switch between speakers

If you have worked with the same presenters before, then you might be able to switch from one to the next. 

When I am doing multiple presenters, I usually do as you suggest, switch back to my screen with a graphic for the event, or it might be the list of all of the speakers for that day. 

Then I will usually have a slide with the next presenter's name, etc. on it.  I am usually also the Master of Ceremonies, so I audibly thank the previous presenter and introduce the next presenter. Then at the right time, I switch the screen sharing to that presenter.