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Re: API to change the status of user from WAITING to APPROVED

I actually don't have any problems with the API call. I'm already getting what i need but i am just wondering why organizerKey can be any number and it will still return the same result based off the token, webinarKey, or registrantKey. This applies to Get All, Get, Create, And Delete. I can get using `<validWebinarKey>/registrants/<validRegistrantKey>` and it will still get the registrant based of the valid  keys and token except the organizer Key. 

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Re: Adding custom fields for Webinar Event via API


Did you find a way to do this?

Thank you

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GoToConnect API - Issues

Hello Goto Team,

We are Facing API Invoke issue from 7 September 2022, unable to create meeting through API Call, Need your support Asap

Product: GotoMeeting

Problem Description:
when try to create meeting with authentication token end up with error“The remote server returned an error: (400) Bad “

API Method: CreateMeeting

Request URL:

Request Headers:
Content-Type: application/json
Accept: application/json
Response HTTP Code: 400

Response Body:
conferencecallinfo = "VoIP",
meetingtype = MeetingType.immediate,
passwordrequired = false,
subject = "Assistance",
starttime = DateTime.Now,
endtime = DateTime.Now.AddHours(2),
timezonekey = ""

OAuth Client ID : token generated Client Id Not generated

Email that was being used to create the access token:,
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curl Php - get authorize call

we have create a sample php page with this code


$response_uri = 'response_uri';
$curl = curl_init();
curl_setopt_array($curl, array(
  CURLOPT_URL => ''.$clientID.'&response_type=code&response_uri='.$response_uri,
$response = curl_exec($curl);
echo $response;

If he calls it he sees the behavior we get these page result:


Schermata 2022-10-19 alle 16.26.09.png

if i call the url 

directly from browser i see the corrected screen

Schermata 2022-10-19 alle 16.27.14.png

Can you help me?


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Integration between Wix and Go to webinar.

We have integration done on our wix website with go to webinar,

We used to have issue with expiring tokens, and they use to get expired in 30 days and we upload refresh token on the website and then it starts working again.

Recently we had an issue when someone try to click on the book now button it say requesting but never register a person on go to webinar.

I have check if there is any issue with code and i can see the following i hope someone would be able to help me to rectify this issue.

These are the errors we arw getting.

Running the code for the Home page. To debug this code in your browser's dev tools, open g0gqk.js.
wixSelector.ts:304 TypeError: $w(...).disable is not a function
at g0gqk.js:8:30
at t (wixSelector.ts:302:19)
at wixSelector.ts:317:27
at wixSelector.ts:119:48
at (<anonymous>)
at h (wixSelector.ts:119:31)
at (<anonymous>)
at Object.flushOnReadyCallbacks (wixSelector.ts:124:65)
at J (applications.ts:384:21)
at async Object.runAsyncAndReport (platformLogger.ts:204:10)
t @ wixSelector.ts:304
:1210 Unrecognized feature: 'vr'.
createConsoleProxy.ts:47 Running the code for the Webinars page. To debug this code in your browser's dev tools, open vb3tf.js.
staticEventsManager.ts:75 function dsWebinars_ready is registered as a static event handler but is not exported from the page code. Please remove the static event handler or export the function.
(anonymous) @ staticEventsManager.ts:75
3createConsoleProxy.ts:47 OK Requesting

GoTo Moderator

Re: Integration between Wix and Go to webinar.

Hi @Awan welcome to the GoTo Community. Please go to and click Support on the top to request assistance.  



Kate is a member of the GoTo Community Care Team.

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