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GoToWebinar Billing issues

I have been trying to resolve a billing issue that has resulted in our account being deactivated.  Unfortunately, our email system was filtering out billing emails as junk.  We have rectified the email issue ensuring future invoice make it to our AP department and have resolved the billing issues.  However, we have left numerous voicemails and email with the billing department to have the service reactivated and have not received a single response.  We are on week two with no response from billing and tech support and customer cannot assist as they say Billing needs to resolve.  Their response is to send you billings email and phone number, but I am not sure how that is a resolution when billing does not respond.  How do I get this resolved?  Our case number is 17554422.  To say the experience has been disappointing is an understatement.

GoTo Manager

Re: GoToWebinar Billing issues

Hi @JMKellogg, welcome to the community.


I apologize for the frustration, we had an extended holiday weekend here with most employees having both Friday the 1st and Monday the 4th of July off, which may be impacting response time. I am checking if this case can be given a higher priority.


Glenn is a member of the GoTo Community Care Team.

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Re: GoToWebinar Billing issues

Appreciate that, but we have been calling and emailing the billing department since June 25th trying to resolve this without a single response.  Second other departments (customer care, tech support) have been able to verify that the account is current, but cannot turn on the service as the request has to come from the billing department.  Those departments will then try to reach the billing department without success.  Their only solution is to  inform us that we will just need to email or call them.