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New Contributor

GoToWebinar - Panel Sharing videos

Hi There,

We are experiencing an issue with the sharing of our videos when we want to share our screen. For some reason the panel does not recognizes any of the uploaded videos.

Do you know what may be the reason? We created several test webinars, but the issue persisted in all of them.

Let me know if we can speak.

Chris Droessler
Respected Contributor

Re: GoToWebinar - Panel Sharing videos

Have you been able to share videos within webinars in the past?

Are you uploading MP4 videos?


Are you saying the videos you upload to the webinar do not show up in the Share panel within the webinar?  Or do they show up in the list, but do not play when selected?

New Contributor

Re: GoToWebinar - Panel Sharing videos

Yes, I am saying that videos which I uploaded in the webinar do not show up in the Panel for some reason. In the past I didn't have this issue. The Videos are mp4 format.


Do you have any ideas, why this might be happening?



Retired GoTo Contributor

Re: GoToWebinar - Panel Sharing videos

@Grigor  We are currently experiencing an issue with Materials that may be currently affecting your account.  We are actively investigating the cause, and you can create a case with Customer Support to help us understand the root cause faster.  


Thanks for your patience. 

Ash is a member of the LastPass Community Care Team.

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