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Gotowebinar Plus Eloqua CDO

We have setup Gotowebinar for the past year we have created more than 600 webinars since 2021, awesome tool, ease to use the events teams really enjoy how easy it´s.

One of the thing it´s missing, we need the information from the webinars and the registrants/attendees into a CDO, having only the steps from the app it´s not usefull because for the amount of webinars we need to setup manually a action inside every campaign/program to have that data in Eloqua it´s really a pain for every team and to construct automated flows or segmentation etc.

It´s this related to Gotowebinar Plus, if we move into Enterprise we will have the possibility of having a CDO populated with webinars informations?

GoTo Manager

Re: Gotowebinar Plus Eloqua CDO

Hi @latamevents_apl, welcome to the community.


I believe there is an integration available between GoToWebinar and Eloqua, does it meet your needs?  


Glenn is a member of the GoTo Community Care Team.

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Re: Gotowebinar Plus Eloqua CDO

Hey @GlennD yes that we already have connected, but as my post, this a manual process because this need to be added the ID from the webinar for each webinar, I´m looking for a solution to bring the information from GTW into a CDO in webinar, using the API´s could be possible but from our latest tests there´s a lot of issues, starting the refresh tokens that needs to be generated, or later cross two different requests all All Accounts Webinars later one with the Registrants/Attendees, so I know it´s possible, but as provided we have Plus does Enterprise have a easier connection to create that CDO with the information from the webinars and attendees?