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New Contributor

Gotowebinar registration language

I am trying to confirm what is translated when I select a language from the dropdown in the GoToWebinar creation page.

Do have have to put the webinar title, description and survey data in the local language or will that translation be done when the registration invite is sent if I select a different language?


I am creating the webinar from my English account setting but need to create an webinar for my Japanese market. So I can change the language but do I need to localize all of the other specific inputs that I have for that webinar.

Hope that make sense.



LogMeIn Contributor

Re: Gotowebinar registration language

@lmagnee  Japanese is currently supported, and keep in mind that titles and descriptions you must translate yourself.  The translation settings are for the automatic templates used with Registrations and Emails to participants.  

New Contributor

Re: Gotowebinar registration language

Thank you AshC that was what I thought might be the case but wanted to confirm.