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New Contributor

Greater than symbol in Polling feature

I'm creating a poll for my webinar. I'm able to use the greater than or equal to symbol (>) however it is not accepting just a greater than symbol (>). I've tried an actual symbol as well as the one that is on my keyboard. It will not accept the polling question.

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Chris Droessler
Respected Contributor

Re: Greater than symbol in Polling feature

Greater Than and Less Than symbols are basic elements in web page coding, so thus hard to express on the web page. 


Normally, there is a series of five specific characters   >     you can use to show a Greater Than symbol on a web page, but unfortunately this does not work in the Polling Questions.


GoTo does allow you to enter the Unicode, Hex , and HTML Entity codes for the Greater Than symbol, but when you run the poll, you see the code, not the desired symbol.


Hopefully, someone at GoTo has a solution for this.

LogMeIn Contributor

Re: Greater than symbol in Polling feature

We think the reason for the behavior you see there is due to a conflict with the web coding.  There are some characters and phrases that have been known to confuse the system in this way.