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MP4 video audio not heard by some attendees



We have a recurring issue where some of our webinar delegates have reported that they can't hear our shared videos. In all cases, we've been told the live webinar audio is ok, but some attendees lose the sound as soon as we play the uploaded MP4 video. They can see the recording ok but don't hear any audio. For the majority these recordings play ok, but it's a poor experience for the others.


I'd welcome any guidance for how we can prevent this issue happening again. Many thanks.

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Chris Droessler
Respected Contributor

Re: MP4 video audio not heard by some attendees

The people who can not hear the audio part of the video are probably people who are using the telephone for the audio part of the webinar.  The videos you play back during a webinar always use the computer speakers, if there are any.


The other issue could be a non-standard mp4 video format.  Since this video does not play back the same way as regular webinar audio, you might find that some computers/devices do not decode the mp4 as well as others.  We have had lots of discussions here about converting your mp4 videos to a standard format that will play back on most platforms.

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Re: MP4 video audio not heard by some attendees

Thanks @Chris Droessler. In some instances, attendees have connected using the phone but not all.  Do you have any recommendations for how the MP4 is produced which might avoid this issue? We use Camtasia so there are various options for encoding but I'm not sure if these would address this issue? Many thanks. 

LogMeIn Manager

Re: MP4 video audio not heard by some attendees

Hi @Preact_Warren 


If the issue was with the recordings I think it would affect all of the attendees, not just some of them. The audio for shared videos is played through the attendees computer using its default audio settings. It is possible that these specific attendees default audio out device was muted or unavailable. 



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