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Pass Webinar Title and Discount Codes Through to Stripe



Is there a way to pass the webinar title and any discount code used through to Stripe?  When we look at a payment in Stripe it only tells us the email address of the person who registered.  We host multiple payed webinars each month and need to be able to track our revenue in Stripe.  Is there a way to pass this information through?  We use other platforms with Stripe that do this so I know it is possible.  We opened a support case about this and were told that it was something to configure on the Stripe end.  Stripe told us GTW built the integration so it is on your end.  Please help.  Thank you.

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Re: Pass Webinar Title and Discount Codes Through to Stripe

@CSWEA  Unfortunately we do not yet have a webinar report that gathers payment data.  If you look at your Stripe dashboard you would need to note the different payment amounts. 


Have you considered some kind of combination of Source Tracking reference with the codes in place?