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Re: GTW/GTM failed to initialize webcam

@Leigh_C  Some users testing the ATEM Mini system have found it to be successful with Mac OS using adjusted settings.  Please see the comments on this thread for details. 

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Re: 1080p webcam support with ATEM Mini?

@ruthiae  In some cases (as referenced by GoTo users on this thread) the right ATEM settings can achieve broadcast quality on Mac OS.  I'm afraid this isn't a set up we directly support right now, but you may find value in the Community discussion around the integration techniques.

Chris Droessler
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Re: 1080p webcam support with ATEM Mini?

AshC  You said "It should be in the Audio section of GoToMeeting's desktop settings, though I'm not 100% about Mac yet. The version is 10.15."


Are you talking about GoToMeeting or GoToWebinar? 


We are disusing GoToWebinar here, though every time I run a GoToWebinar, the software is labeled on the Mac in the menu to the left of the File menu as GoToMeeting. Ironically, you have to click on "Quit GoToMeeting" in order to quit a GoToWebinar.  That's odd.

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Re: 1080p webcam support with ATEM Mini?

We made it with obs. It was possible to put the 1080p into a 720p video and we started  the virtual cam in obs. That worked very well and we were able to choose the obs camera as webcam.

But the bigger problem was: everytime someone logged into the webinar with a smartphone, the upload of the video went down to 300-1000kbps. Without any smartphone in a session it was around 1800-2500 so the video was a lot cleaner and better without any smartphone in the session.

Our costumer is user of the plus product and is paying 500€ in a month. So i think for that amount of money it should be possible to get a good videoquality. 2500kbps in 720p would be enough when it would be stable. But there is anything that makes trouble when a smartphone is logged into the webinar 😞


Edit.: Mac didnt work for us. Video was cropped (GoTo thought it is a 4:3 format) and the video was mirrored.. But it was possible to choose the Atem as a webcam in 1080p60