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Registration - custom fields

I am looking for two solutions.

One - I have a custom registration field where the registrant selects a choice from a list of answers. Yet when i look at the registration page, the choices are not in the order they were submitted, but seem to be a random offering.  I entered the choices alphabetically and would like them to display alphabetically.

Two - I would like the choice to offer a custom registration text instead of a short answer or multiple choice.  Registrants have the choice to enter demographic data.  We ask for the data so we can determine that we are reaching our target audience.  I have no option to enter just text to explain what we are asking for and why. 



GoTo Manager

Re: Registration - custom fields

Hi @JeanSmith,


 I wasn't able to recreate the first issue with the order of multi-choice answers, is the registration page still live? Can you expand on what you mean by "custom registration text", how would it be different from the short answer option that is currently available?  


Glenn is a member of the GoTo Community Care Team.

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