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Use the same Calendar Integration links in e-mails for more participants

When you schedule a standard webinar with GOtoWebinar, there is an option to send emails.

You can choose 'Confirmation e-mail', 'Reminder e-mail' and 'Follow-up e-mail' .


You can edit the text in these emails, but the calendar integration link is automatically added.

The problem is, that in the 'Confirmation e-mail', the add to calendar link is referring to a Microsoft Outlook mailbox (or maybe the standard e-mail program that the participant has selected ?).

Since I use browser apps for my e-mail (a lot of people do!) I did not set-up a standard email program. This is a blocker, and I can't open the link nor add the Webinar in my calendar....


In your Reminder e-mail, there are three links: Add to Calendar:  Outlook® Calendar | Google Calendar™ | iCal®


This makes it easier to add the webinar to the calendar. We use webinar for lead-generation, so with these missing 'ad to calendar' links in the first confirmation page, we miss leads. Is it possible to use the same  'Add to Calendar' links for the Reminder e-mails? 


Tnx for your reply

GoTo Manager

Re: Use the same Calendar Integration links in e-mails for more participants

I have moved this from the Ideas section as there is already an option to add a GoToWebinar session to Google Calendar and after you register. If a registrant fails to do this, the .ics calendar file that is downloaded from the other links provided can be imported into Google Calendar etc to add it.





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