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Using Microphone of Web Camera

I'm trying to use Microphone built in my Web Camera cause my computer Microphone is having issues. Will it use my Web Camera as well by default?


I can't see tab for "Web Camera" to disable it in "Go to Webinar" control panel.


Will my video be shared with Presenter? and if yes how can I disable it?

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Re: Using Microphone of Web Camera

Hi @AmanyZakaria, welcome to the community.


If you are joining the webinar as an attendee, typically you will not be sharing your webcam or microphone at all. In a GoToWebinar only the organizer and panelists have the option to share their webcam, talk on the conference call, and present (share their screen) in the webinar.


If the webinar organizer decides to unmute an attendee or promote them to be a panelist, they will then see the microphone and webcam options in their control panel. Once that happens you can select which microphone and webcam connected to your computer are used.


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